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There are many different versions of Mahjong. On this website we have a large collection of Mahjong games designed to be played without a partner. These games are sometimes known as solitaire mahjong. They are basically matching puzzle games where the player's goal is to remove all the tiles from the game.


When playing a game of solitaire mahjong, your goal it to match and remove tiles from the game. You can only select tiles that are not blocked by another tile on both the left and the right side. To make things easier, in this version of the game the tiles you are not allowed to select have been dimmed.

To create a match simply click the first tile in your pair. It will become highlighted. Then click the second tile in your pair. If this is a proper match, both tiles will be removed from play. If it isn't a proper match, the second tile you click will become selected. At the bottom of the game, I have the number of "coins" you have collected while playing the game. You can use these coins to get hints or shuffles. A hint uses a single coin and a shuffle uses two coins. Shuffles allow you to shuffle all of the tiles still in play. This lets you continue a game when you run out of possible matches.


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