Account Recovery Portal


This page has instructions to access your FTX Capital Markets LLC (FTXCM) brokerage account through the Embed Clearing Account Recovery Portal. or FTX.US customers who did not have an FTXCM brokerage account are NOT able to use this Portal.

To gain access to the Portal, please visit and enter the information requested.

We will match the Name, Email, Date of Birth, and the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number provided in the form against our records. The phone number you provide in the form will not be used to verify identity, and will only be used in the event we need to contact you.

You will receive an email confirmation once the form is submitted and the information is validated. The email will contain a link allowing one-time access to your FTXCM brokerage account, cleared & custodied by Embed Clearing. Once in the Portal, you have the option to set a password. We STRONGLY encourage you to set a password. If you do not set a password, you will need to repeat the verification steps to obtain a new one-time link each time you need to access the Portal.

The Account Recovery Portal will let you:

  • View current stock and cash balances
  • Enter sell orders during market hours to dispose of current holdings at market prices
  • Create a funding source to securely disburse funds to your requested bank account
  • Retrieve account document such as statements, trade confirmations, and tax forms
  • View transaction history*

We appreciate your prompt action.

The Embed Clearing Team

*For FTXCM customers: Your transaction history will include the deposits and withdrawals of cash that were settled automatically between your FTX US fiat balance and your brokerage account. Note that portfolio values are calculated using the prior trading day closing price.